The Art of Cinema

I thought I’d do a quick piece on what I think makes for a great film. I do believe that movies a big part of the human art of storytelling, thus a good film should be a believable depiction of some human realm that actually has something relevant to say about real human ideas, cultures, practises, values, etc, etc.

The worlds we create in storytelling are authored by the writer but the reader creates the worlds and gives it form inside their own imagination. I personally think we all should make every to invest ourselves into an engaging and thought-provoking story.

With that in mind though, every aspect of a movie including it’s aims and it’s production and execution can dictate how much we can engage in it’s story.

In my case I’m less inclined to engage in a movie that I know is an obvious cash grab, a movie that exists not because someone had something worthwhile to say.

I’ve become quite cynical over the deluge of comic book superhero fantasy movies because they are mostly exercises in over-the-top CG spectacle whereas I yearn for something more relatable. I’ve got nothing against escapism but it’s much less interesting than something that is thought-provoking and challenging and tells you something meaningful.

Good acting and writing are the bedrock of bringing a world to life. My favourite films this year have been Mary Queen of Scots, Fighting With My Family and Five Feet Apart because I could genuinely empathise with the characters and cheer for them.

I hope to start some of my own regular movie reviews soon. Got a few mental walls at the moment. Hopefully I should be better next week.

Thanks for Reading


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